April Matson

April Matson is an actress best known for her role as Lori Trager on the ABC Family cable television network series, “Kyle XY” (2006-2009). Prior to that, she played Penny Chase on the Fox network television series “Quintuplets” (2004) alongside Andy Richter. April has also appeared as a guest star in various television series and has been featured in several independent films. She has performed in several theatre productions, sketch comedy shows, and made her stand up comedy debut in 2015 coming in as runner-up in Boise’s Funniest Person competition. In early 2016, April founded PLATFORM, LLC, an acting studio and film & theatre production company. More about PLATFORM can be found on the About Us Page.

Her full resume can be found on her IMDB page.

April is also co-author of the book Both Sides of the Desk: A Conversation Between a Casting Director and an Actor, available now on Amazon!